Tourismusverband Tannheimer Tal

Hall rules

Climbing is a risky discipline. Inadequate mastering of the climbing or safety equipment or the use of unsuitable equipment is a danger of death

Please note:

  1. Use at your own risk. No liability for accidents.
  2. The entire area is unattended!
  3. Please avoid staying in the climbing/falling area (1.5 m to the side and 2 m from the back)! Tip: look up! Playing and running around is forbidden.
  4. Climb only with standardized equipment (CE standard, UIAA standard)!
    ATTENTION! Note the period of use of the manufacturer. Use a belay device that you are familiar with (ClickUp, Smart, Grigri, Tube). Make sure that the combination of belay device, rope and carabiner are matching. Carabiners must be locked and secured (screwed on or locked into place).
  5. Climbing/bouldering barefooted or with street shoes is not allowed for hygienic reasons.
  6. Climbing is only allowed with a safety rope. Climbing without a rope is forbidden.
  7. Partner check before every start. Control yourself and control each other: Does the climbing harness suit adequately? Is the rope properly knotted or are carabiners turned in the right direction? Is the belay device correctly used and the carabiner locked? Is there no free rope end? Is the carabiner of the self-belay device "Topas" locked?
  8. Full attention while belaying and spotting. Shifted arm position. Lying or sitting is forbidden. Select standpoint correctly. No slack rope. No distractions from mobile phones, other climbers, friends, ...
  9. Do not climb on top each other. Keep enough side safe distance. Consider the possibility of falling down.
  10. Use all quick draws of your route.
  11. Let your partner down on the rope carefully. Look for a free space, so you do not scare or hurt other climbers.
  12. Never put two ropes in a carabiner!
  13. Topropeclimbing on a saftey catch is not allowed.
  14. Moving or fixing holds or saftey catches on one's own is strictely forbidden! Report loose holds and other defects to the supervising person or the operator.
  15. Please do not wear any jewelery on your hands while climbing for safety reasons! Open hair must be tied up.
  16. Persons under the age of 18 years are only allowed to climb on their own's with a written permisson by a legal guardian. Children under the age of 14 years are only allowed to climb under supervision of a legal guardian.
  17. The consumption of food is only allowed in the dedicated area, not on the mats! Beverages may only be consumed in recloseable bottles.
  18. Smoking and alcohol is forbidden in the whole area!
  19. No liability is taken for wardrobe, valuables and also personal injury and material damage by the operator.